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Providing top-notch customer service is what Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. does best. Some situations have to be handled in a sensitive manner due to high emotions. Our drivers are professional in all situations.

Speaking of our drivers, they are licensed and insured. We also drug test and do background checks on all of our employees before they start the job. Due to the demands of the job, we perform random drug testing as well.

When you call Burnaby Towing Services, Inc., you can rest assured that you will get only the best. We have safe drivers, professional services, and timely appointments. Why would you call any other tow truck company?

Our fleet of trucks is quite impressive. We can handle anything small or large. So whether you have a company van or a motorcycle to be towed — our team can take care of you.

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Want to learn more about our amazing tow truck company? Read on to see how we are better than the average tow service.

Our towing service has been called upon time and time again. Businesses, city officials, and homeowners contact us for assistance to safely remove vehicles. We do work with local businesses to remove vehicles that are illegally parked and city officials who need assistance with abandoned cars. This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but just know we help everyone out.

Our drivers are the best in the business. They are licensed, insured, and educated in all things towing. This includes 24/7 emergency roadside service. Accidents happen on their own timeline so we are here at any time of the day. Put your trust in us during this difficult and anxious time. We are trusted by many — we are looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. can tow just about any vehicle. We can tow cars, trucks, antique cars, or large trucks. We have the necessary means to pick up and transport vehicles no matter what type of transportation you may have.

Accidents aren’t fun for anyone. But don’t worry, we can come to ease some of your frustration. When we are called, we immediately dispatch a driver out to your location. We make sure we are being safe at all times seeing the location of your accident normally is surrounded by other vehicles. Our team ensures that safety is at the top of our concern. Our dedicated driver will be quick and cautious when loading your vehicle on the tow truck. We will take it to your desired location safe and sound. This simple way is how we are different from others. Call Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. today.

Why Burnaby Towing Services Inc.

Why choose Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. when there are so many other towing companies out there? It’s simple — we are an honest, hardworking company that is here to serve the city of Burnaby. Not a day goes by where we are not out in the community serving others.

We take pride in knowing that we help our community on a daily basis. There are many tow service companies out there and we are happy that our neighbours choose us over and over again. How do we know this? Because of our repeat clients and their referrals. This is the best compliment a company can receive — clients referring their friends and family.

We have an impressive fleet that can tow anything you need to be transported. We handle small jobs like moving motorcycles to large jobs. We help businesses too. Is your cargo van stuck on the side of the road? Don’t worry — we are here to rescue you. We get you fast so you can get back to making those deliveries. Don’t think we just help car owners…we help everybody.

Just because you need a tow doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Our tow truck services are affordable and reliable. We don’t ask that you pick one. At Burnaby Towing Services, Inc., we are budget-friendly and dependable. You can count on us in your time of need.

Are you a business owner in Burnaby? If you answered yes, you probably have had to call a tow truck at some point in time. Non-customers parked in your parking lot or abandoned vehicles behind your building. These are a couple of scenarios we see often. Business owners are trying to provide a service and run their companies. When pesky situations arise, most contact Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. to help ease the pain.

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Whether you need a tow because you are broken down or need an antique vehicle transported to another location, Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. will be there for you.

Contact us now if you need any of our towing services. When you live in a beautiful place like Burnaby, you want to be able to go wherever you want. Having a dependable vehicle is imperative. So when you have car trouble, you need a towing company that will promptly and professionally help you out.

We promise that we won’t charge you an arm and a leg too. We strive to be affordable for our clients. Reach out today!

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