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Looking for a quality towing company to help you in your time of need? Look no further — Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. is at your service. 

Our team of experts offers emergency roadside service. This means we can handle anything from a flat tire to towing a totaled vehicle after an accident. We understand the stress of being in an accident situation. Our drivers are polite and show attention to detail. We try to make a bad situation good again.

We work with the business sector and city officials to provide our towing services. For businesses, sometimes you have a situation where a non-paying customer is parked in your lot. You may need to have the vehicle removed, which will require our towing services.

When we work for city officials, we have a lot of calls for illegal parking or abandonment of vehicles. Once dispatched, we will be out to your location as soon as possible. There are minimal wait time and fast service. 

Residential services are also provided by our company. Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. offers cheap towing services, flatbed towing, and auto-recovery services.  We try our best to provide the best customer service. This entails getting to you quickly, safely loading your vehicle, and being budget-friendly.

We run our company as a place we would like to be a patron. We love our community of Burnaby and we want to make our neighbors feel appreciated and cared for. Yes, a towing company can do that. Especially one that puts their clients first.

Burnaby Towing Services

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