Towing Burnaby, BC

We have said it time and time again, our fleet of trucks are massive. With our state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles, we can help in any situation. Whether it is an unfortunate accident or a classic car transport, Burnaby Towing Services, Inc. is there to lend a helping hand.

We have Service Vehicles that will come out when you need a battery jumpstart, tire repair, or gas fill-up. When you have a situation where you need some minor help, this is the truck that will be on the way. 

The next step up is the Class A Light Duty Tow Truck. The purpose of this vehicle is to tow and winch out passenger cars or pick up trucks. This tow truck will often help people get out of snow and off-road situations.

Flatbed Tow Trucks tow all-wheel drive or immobilized vehicles. These vehicles may be missing wheels due to an accident or theft. Other uses for this flatbed tow truck is to transport antique cars, expensive cars, or evidence for the police. It has a very special purpose which is used often.

Another vehicle we have helps us with medium-duty tows — the Class B Tow Truck. This tow truck will carry heavier vehicles that may have been in an accident. Also, small or medium RVs can be transported on this tow truck. So if you are traveling the open road in your RV and you break down — don’t worry. We have the vehicle to help you.

In order to handle the bigger vehicles, we have a Class C Heavy Duty Tow Truck. This vehicle can tow and winch large dump trucks, semis, or large RV buses. It can be used when a large vehicle is immobilized and needs to be moved to another location.

Lastly, the final vehicle that we have in our fleet is Landoll Transport. It has a low clearance so larger vehicles, like city buses, can be transported. The bed lays at an angle for easier movement. 

We help commercial and residential clients. We have the means to make sure that more than one client can be assisted at one time. This means that just because we are out towing a passenger car doesn’t mean that we can’t tow your commercial vehicle. 

There is nothing worse than being on the side of the road and stranded while calling a bunch of towing companies. Most of which can’t help you because you have an RV. To make matters worse, you don’t know the area well and you just want to continue your trip. Call our team and we will be out to you in a jiffy.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, we have the fleet to take care of it. Don’t just think that passenger cars and trucks are the only types of vehicles being towed. School buses and RVs break down too and need to be repaired at a shop. How do they get there? By Burnaby Tire Services, Inc.’s large fleet.